Fiscal Responsibility

Our state is required to have a balanced budget every year. Unfortunately, that has not always equated to our elected officials being wise stewards of public funds. I favor being responsible and judicious with our spending and tax policy. In order to do that we must prioritize what is most important to us and make sure those needs are met first. The legislature should seek to remove future uncertainty and budget fluctuations through sound financial planning that will help minimize the tax burden on our citizens.


Economic development and job creation are critical to maintaining and growing our state. In my experience as a small business owner I have personally created jobs and grown a business. As the President and Interim Director of the Franklin County Development Council I have been a part of the process that brought over 120 jobs to Franklin County in the last two years. I know firsthand what it takes to create jobs and attract jobs. As a state representative I will push for policies that that bring investment and jobs to our state; develop and train our workforce; and create opportunities to keep our graduates in Kansas instead of losing them to other states.


The education of our future generations is one of our most sacred responsibilities. Our state constitution requires us to provide an education for our young people. Our founders knew that doing so would create economic opportunity, raise the standard of living, and create a more competitive workforce. We must maintain our commitment to providing an adequate education and develop programs that increase opportunities for our students. I favor strengthening our vocational education system, implementing science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM) programming in our secondary schools, and continuing to fund the ongoing development of our university system.


I am committed to the proper maintenance and stewardship of our public infrastructure. Our infrastructure is the backbone of our state. From our highways to our water systems our infrastructure helps improve the states economy and the quality of life for all of us. If we create and carry out reasonable plans we can maintain what we have and provide for measured improvements that fit within our budgets.


I believe that any elected position is really about being a servant leader. Public officials are to work in service to the whole of their constituency and not for any specific ideological viewpoint or special interest. There will no doubt be times when various constituents and I will disagree about certain issues, but I do promise to keep an open mind and listen to all view points before making a decision. I pledge that my decision making will be bound by reason and logic with full deference to the values that have made our state and nation great. And I will work every day to give my district, my state and its people my best efforts and best judgment in service to them.

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